Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Okay! We started a new unit, Of Mice and Men, by J. Steinbeck, a spectacular book about loneliness, friendships, dreams, and life kindnesses and cruelties. After reading chapter one, we discussed how hearing it read aloud makes it easier to follow; I encourage them to read it aloud until they have an easier time with it. Also, we have a focus on vocabulary and using context clues to resolve new word difficulties. Today, we did some small group work with vocabulary and predictions for chapter two, which we read in class, either as groups or individually. Chapter three is homework for today.

We do have quizzes coming up: this Friday is the usual spelling quiz, as well as a chapter 1-3 quiz. Monday will be the vocabulary quiz (matching) for chapters 1-3. Next Wednesday is a chapter quiz on the remaining chapters, and the final test is scheduled for Friday, the 14th.

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