Friday, April 25, 2008


Dear Abby,
I finished Act III in class today, and I get everything, or so says my completed study guide through page 34, with the quotes from Act III, but I still have work to do. My teacher gave us a writing assignment to write a letter as either Romeo or Juliet in which he/she complains and then asks advice. I'm suppose to give advice back as this "Dear Abby" person. Who is Abby any way? Maybe my mom knows. Any ideas on what I can write about?
Sincerely, Overwhelmed-Writer

Dear Overwhelmed,
Writing letters is pretty easy, far better than an essay, don't you think? I suggest you simply consider all the problems that Romeo and Juliet encounter through Act III (as you surely went over in class, ahem...). Choose your character, choose the problem/issue you want to focus on, and the write your letter according to your teacher's requirements. I'm sure you will do well, especially with the advice you will be able to give in the second letter as me.
Sincerely, Abby

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