Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Here is this week: past, present and future, all in one. Monday, we introduce the individual "Romeo and Juliet" writing assignment based upon "blame" for their deaths. The pre-writing chart of 3 character choice and quote supplement was homework, as was getting a parent to sign their updated grade sheet.
Tuesday was the MAP test with no homework.
Wednesday, I took time to go through the schedule for the entire project: DUE Thurs=intro and body 1; DUE Fri. at beginning FROM Thurs. class time=body 2 and 3; DUE Fri by end=conclusion. Each of these must be hand written and according to a modified MEL-Con structure, provided by following the worksheet blanks in their packets.
I also took some time to explain HOW to complete the introduction and body 1 paragraph, in detail, with how to 'sandwich' quotes within a paragraph. After instruction and q/a time, students had 30 min. to work and ask questions individually. Many did; a few did not.
Thursday we will have work time to write; computers will be available only after the pieces (rough draft) are done. The final, typed copy of the paper is due Monday.

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